How to Use Colour to Give Your Home More Personality

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Adding colour to your home is one of the easiest and most effective ways to give it more personality and style. Whether through a fresh coat of paint, new soft furnishings, or bright and cheerful accessories, thoughtful use of colour allows you to put your own stamp on a space. When choosing colours for your home, consider the mood you want to create as well as the practicalities of living with bolder shades day to day.

Here are some tips on using colour to give your living spaces a stylish and lively feel.

Bold and Beautiful Walls

Painting walls or adding wallpaper is often the simplest starting point when updating a room’s colour scheme. Opt for brighter or deeper shades on the main walls like cobalt blue for a cosy, enveloping effect in a bedroom or lime green to give a fresh, zesty kick to a kitchen or dining area. Keep the ceiling and trim white for contrast and to prevent darker colours from feeling too intense. If you prefer a more neutral backdrop, pick out one wall like a chimney breast to make a vibrant colour pop – ideal shades for accent walls include burnt orange, teal green or purple.

Fun and Functional Soft Furnishings

Don’t be afraid to add splashes of lively colour through cushions, rugs, throws and lampshades. This is an easy way to experiment with eye-catching colours without too much commitment. Choose coordinating colours and tones that tie in with the overall scheme for a pulled-together feel. In living rooms and bedrooms bolder shades like fuchsia, sunshine yellow or electric blue make soft furnishings real stand-out elements, especially when contrasted with neutral seating. Deep reddish pinks and plums create a welcoming warmth in more traditional-styled rooms too.

Cleverly Chosen Accessories

Carefully chosen accessories like vintage rugs in vibrant colours can really elevate a room’s look. Glassware, trays, candles, storage boxes and artwork allow you to dot energetic colours around to lift a neutral scheme. Opt for accessories in a colour that already features elsewhere in the room for visual cohesion, like a vintage rug in vibrant colours that matches the cushions on the sofa, emerald green glassware in a kitchen with olive green cabinetry, or cheerful orange photo frames in a room with terracotta accents. Learn more about large vintage rugs and how to care for them before you invest.

When showcasing treasured objects, don’t be afraid to use colour to provide an eye-catching backdrop – ceramics, vases and decorative plates will really stand out against a bold teal-painted cabinet or lemon-painted shelving.

Colourful Collections for Impact

Make a feature of the colours present in cherished collections, whether that’s display shelves filled with favourites books or a gallery wall showcasing much-loved artwork. Group objects together according to colour to create an arresting feature. A collection of green-spined books or vintage glassware gathered together on open shelving makes more impact than scattering them randomly about. Take inspiration from the boldest shades present and echo them in nearby soft furnishings. Build up different colour stories in adjacent rooms for added individuality.

Approach colour with creativity and a sense of fun and it can totally transform the look, feel and enjoyment you get from your living spaces.

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