Let’s Explore the Hidden Gems on a Campervan Tour

Explore the Hidden Gems on a Campervan Tour

Get your campervan and taste the freedom of pulling up at a place where your heart desires. If you live in Edinburgh, you must feel lucky to have access to plenty of places abounding in treasures of nature’s beauty and other attractions. Do you know about Fife? This lovely small town is close to the city and has many caravan sites and parks, allowing overnight stays. For example, Grangemuir Woodland Park is one great example. It’s an ancient 15-acre Scottish estate with peaceful pastoral charm. You can also find enough camping facilities to have a relaxing stay. Do you need help finding a campervan rental service?

Sites like Campstar.com will be handy for such things. Driving through Fife, you can visit some of the most exotic locations. Here are a few suggestions.

Fife Coastal Path

The 188 km or 177 miles of stretch runs through North Queensbury to Tay Bridge from the south to the north. You will come across many walking paths offering easy walks to challenging trekking, each dishing out delicious views of the Fife town’s remote corners. You will also come across old fishing villages, castles, and murky caves on the walking path.

Dormant volcano

If you have experience walking the rugged trails, this should delight you. Else, move to something else. The slippery, steep walk leads you to the 290m high dormant volcano. Once you reach the peak, the majestic views of the Craig Rock and the Forth of Firth will treat your eyes.

Golf resorts

You can make the most of your camping tours in the town by visiting some of the best golf courses here.

Eating options

A significant part of camping in Fife is eating local delicacies. You can easily find fresh seafood varieties because of its location on the Forth of Firth shores. Visit the coast for catches like fresh fish and prawns for a tasty BBQ. However, to escape the cooking routine, visit the local restaurants for street food. Also, you can sample a high-end whisky.

A few essentials

Camping planning can be overwhelming, but you can succeed with due diligence. For instance, check the weather before packing anything. The eastern coastal town has a temperate climate. Hence, extreme conditions may not occur. Still, preparing for occasional rains and bright sunny days is better. At night, temperatures can drop also. Campers often carry layers of clothes to add or remove depending on fluctuating temperatures. Taking a raincoat and a waterproof bag will also be a good idea.

An adventure in Fife will get you closer to nature. You would need a good pair of shoes, crocs, and willies. The latter types of footwear will especially help when you walk across the dew-kissed campsite in the morning. Also, ensure that you have a torch for the night. With all these things in place, your campervan trip to this side of the Scottish wonderland can be more thrilling and fun-filled. Please encourage your family members and friends to join you on this exciting journey to discover the unknown treasures of Scotland.

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