System_Application_re_Started_0002– What You Need to Know


When a “system_application_re_started_0002” message pops up on a Windows PC, it means a system app rebooted without warning. Different reasons exist for this, from software clashing to broken hardware, even to nasty computer viruses.

What Might You Notice?

If the “System App (0002)” error messes with your computer:

  • Your PC might hang or shut down.
  • A dreaded blue error screen could appear.
  • A “System App Restarted” note could show up in the Windows Event logs.
  • Your PC might suddenly reboot.

Why Does System_Application_re_Started_0002 Happen?

There’s a range of reasons for the “System App (0002)” glitch:

  1. Software Arguments: When multiple programs go after the same resource, it creates chaos.
  2. Broken Hardware: Issues with things like your computer’s memory, storage, or mainboard might be the culprit.
  3. Bad Software: Harmful software targeting system apps can trigger this error, too.

What to Do About System_Application_re_Started_0002?

If this error bugs you, here are some action steps:

  • Reboot your PC. A simple restart can iron out minor issues.
  • Keep your programs current. This includes the system software and hardware drivers.
  • Hunt for viruses. Use a trusted antivirus to scan and cleanse your PC.
  • Test your hardware. If you think a physical component of your PC is acting up, use diagnostic tools to confirm.
  • Refresh Windows. When everything else doesn’t help, mending your Windows install might.

Can’t solve the “System App (0002)” issue? It might be time to chat with a computer expert or reach out to Microsoft.

Ways to Avoid Future Hassles:

Want to dodge this error in the future? Here’s some advice:

  • Always install software updates. They plug security holes and fix known problems.
  • Protect with a top antivirus. It’ll shield your PC from harmful software.
  • Clean up your storage regularly. It keeps your PC efficient and lowers error risks.
  • Upgrade old or worn-out computer parts.
  • Save your important stuff often. If bad luck strikes, you won’t lose precious data.

Digging Deeper into the Problem:

To tackle the “System App (0002)” error:

When Software Squabbles:

  • Limit programs that start when the PC turns on.
  • If a new software brings the error, remove it and check.
  • Always keep software fresh and updated.

For Hardware Hiccups:

  • Use built-in diagnostic tools to pinpoint hardware issues.
  • Test memory with special tools.
  • Use software to inspect your storage for faults.

When Nasty Software Strikes:

  • Scan with antivirus. Remove any found threats.
  • Use specialized tools for a deeper malware hunt.

Refresh Windows:

If the error remains stubborn:

  • Pop in your Windows disk.
  • Reboot the PC.
  • Boot from the disk and pick “Repair your computer.”

Stop System_Application_re_Started_0002 from Bugging Again:

To keep your PC humming:

  • Always update the software.
  • Keep a strong antivirus guard up.
  • Clean and tidy up storage often.
  • Update or replace old parts.
  • Back up all important stuff.

Extra Tips for System_Application_re_Started_0002:

Still can’t shake off the error?

  • Boot in a diagnostic mode called Safe Mode.
  • Scan for wonky system files using the System File Check command.

A Full Windows Reset:

Remember, this step erases everything:

  • Head to Settings.
  • Pick Update & Security > Recovery.
  • Under “Reset this PC,” begin the process.
  • Opt to delete everything.
  • Follow the steps on the screen.

Need Expert Help?

If you’re stuck, it’s time to ask for professional help. When you do:

  • Describe the error.
  • Share what goes wrong and what you’ve tried.


The “System App (0002)” glitch might seem intimidating, but you’ve got tools and tips to beat it. If everything else fails, expert help is just a call away.

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