Emma Argues with Principal Figgins

emma argues with principal figgins

Emma’s Strong Feelings for the Glee Club

Emma Argues with Principal Figgins, In the imaginary setting of Glee at William McKinley High School, Emma Pillsbury, the school helper, often didn’t agree with Principal Figgins, a firm and sometimes confused school leader. A big moment of their not agreeing was when Emma stood up strongly for the glee club, New Directions, because Figgins wanted to stop it.

Emma always felt that the glee club was good for its members. She told Figgins many times that the club was a special place for students who felt left out, letting them show their feelings through songs and shows. Emma always backed the glee club because she cared much about the students, even when the school leaders didn’t.

What Principal Figgins Worried About

But Principal Figgins mostly cared about keeping things in order and making the school look good. He often thought the glee club made too much noise and could make the school look bad. He made choices because he was scared of bad news or parents being angry, not knowing what the students wanted.

When Figgins tried to stop or limit the glee club, Emma and the club members always said no. Figgins didn’t get the arts, which made him and Emma not see eye to eye. Emma felt the glee club was very important for the school and for helping many students.

Emma Argues with Principal Figgins Their Understandings

Emma and Figgins talking about the glee club was something that happened a lot in the series. These talks showed how they thought differently: Emma believed music and showing oneself were important, while Figgins wanted to keep things calm and not cause trouble.

But sometimes, Emma and Figgins agreed. After hearing Emma, Figgins sometimes saw that the glee club was good for students. These times showed that even if people think differently, they can still come to understand each other.

How Important Emma’s Actions Were

Emma standing up to Figgins for the glee club showed how much she believed in it and cared for the students. She felt art and showing herself were very important, making her a big supporter of glee club members who often felt left out.

Emma’s many talks with Principal Figgins about the glee club showed the fight between wanting to show oneself through art and schools wanting to stay very strict. Emma always being there for the glee club and thinking it was good for students reminded us all how great music can be.

What Emma Knew About Students

Being the school helper, Emma Pillsbury knew well what students at McKinley High wanted. She saw that the glee club was a special place for many students who felt left out.

Figgins Listening to Others Too Much

Principal Figgins often listened to what others, like parents, said or worried about the school’s name. He didn’t understand like Emma and just saw the glee club as causing trouble.

Emma Trying to Make Figgins Understand

When talking to Figgins, Emma tried to make him see and feel how good the glee club was for students. She wanted him to see beyond just school rules and understand how important being creative was.

Figgins Sometimes Got It

Even though he often said no to Emma, Figgins sometimes understood, seeing the glee club as good for the school. This showed that even strict people can change their minds when they hear good reasons.

Emma is Always There for the Glee Club

Emma’s support for the glee club wasn’t just in talks with Figgins. She always cheered on the club members, helping them with problems and challenges.

Figgins Slowly Changing His Mind

As time passed, Figgins started thinking differently about the glee club. This change came from Emma talking to him and the club doing well. He started to see how good art was and how it made the school look better.

emma argues with principal figgins

Emma Helping Those Who Felt Left Out

Emma’s strong backing for the glee club made her someone who helped those who felt left out. She saw their special skills and told them to be themselves through singing and shows.

Figgins Finally Saying the Glee Club Was Good

Even if at first he said no, Principal Figgins, in the end, saw the glee club as good for the school. He saw it helped students be creative, show themselves, and make the school known for good things.

Remembering Emma’s Kindness

Emma Pillsbury will be remembered at McKinley High for more than just being the school helper. People will think of her as someone who loved art, was kind to those who felt left out, and always stood up for the glee club.

Learning from Figgins Changing His Mind

How Principal Figgins went from not liking to liking the glee club teaches us that being open and learning is important. Changing one’s mind shows that leaders can learn from others.

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Emma Standing Up for Being Oneself

Emma’s fighting for the glee club came from her big belief in being oneself. She knew the club was where students could be themselves and show their skills without anyone laughing.

Figgins Didn’t Get the Glee Club At First

In the beginning, Principal Figgins didn’t get the glee club. He thought it was just fun and games and could make the school look bad.

Emma Knew Music Helped

Emma knew that music helped in many ways. She felt the glee club let students show their feelings, feel better, and grow.

Figgins Saw the Good Later

Principal Figgins began seeing the good sides of the glee club doing well. He saw how it made students happy, got everyone excited, and got people in the town involved.

Emma Linking Students and School Leaders

Being the school helper, Emma could connect the students and the school leaders. She knew what the glee club wanted and talked to Figgins about school rules.

Figgins Trying to Find Middle Ground

As the school leader, Figgins needed to back student activities and keep things in order. Talking to Emma and the glee club made him think about how to do both.

Emma’s Strong Belief in Art

Emma always believed that art, like music and shows, could change lives and make students feel part of a group.

Figgins Being Proud Later

Even if he didn’t agree initially, Principal Figgins was later proud of the glee club. He felt good about their wins and saw how they added to the school’s good name.

Emma’s Lasting Mark

Emma will be remembered for more than just backing the glee club. She helped those who felt left out and told students to be themselves, not caring what others thought.

Figgins Learning and Growing

The way Principal Figgins went from not agreeing to agreeing with the glee club shows us how someone can change and be open. He learned to see the good in art and how it helps students.

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