PeopleTools Att: Making Human Resources Easy and Effective

PeopleTools Att

AT&T has its unique application, PeopleTools Att, built atop the PeopleSoft platform, acting as an all-in-one system for managing employee human resources. This powerful tool lets the AT&T team control their private details, explore benefits, and easily find their way through the company’s rules.

PeopleTools Att: Making Your Own Choices Easy

PeopleTools from PeopleTools Att focuses heavily on letting every worker handle their HR matters themselves. Workers can swiftly check and change their details, such as who to contact in an emergency and how much tax they want to withhold.

Understanding Benefits Without Stress

Understanding employee perks can be tricky, but PeopleTools creates a spot where workers can find and sign up for various benefit programs. It helps everyone choose their healthcare and retirement plans with all the necessary information.

Learn Company Rules Easily

Keeping employees aware of company rules is essential to a safe and lawful working space. PeopleTools acts as a library for all of AT&T’s rules, ensuring workers can find and understand guidelines about how to act, ethics, and staying safe at work.

Giving Leaders Handy Management Tools

PeopleTools Att doesn’t just help workers; it gives leaders a toolbox to help them manage their teams effectively. They can track who’s in, approve time off, and handle admin work, allowing them to build a supportive working space.

Talking Clearly and Simply

Talking effectively is super important for every business. PeopleTools Att helps all team members – workers, leaders, and HR staff – to chat easily. Thanks to the app’s messaging and alert systems, anyone can ask questions, share worries, and get quick answers.

Technology That Moves with You

PeopleTools doesn’t stay still – it’s always improving to make things better and easier for users. It even works on mobiles, letting workers check HR services on their phones or tablets from any place at any time.

Keeping Employee Details Safe and Sound

PeopleTools lets everyone manage their details easily, ensuring all their records are accurate and current. All workers can check and change their contact info, emergency contacts, tax details, and direct deposit details, keeping personal data flowing smoothly.

Exploring Benefits Without Fear

While employee benefits often seem confusing, PeopleTools offers a one-stop shop to investigate and sign up for different benefits programs. All workers can check healthcare choices, learn about retirement plans, and make smart decisions about their benefits.

Keeping Company Guidelines Accessible

PeopleTools works as a storage space for all of AT&T’s rules, ensuring everyone can easily find and understand the guidelines that shape how they work and their responsibilities.

Making Leadership Tasks Simple

PeopleTools goes further, offering leaders a toolbox to manage their teams effectively. Bosses can check who’s in, approve days off, and monitor how everyone is doing, all within the PeopleTools platform.

Exploring Other Handy Features:

Managing Pay: Workers can see paystubs, check tax deductions, and handle direct deposit info all in one place.

Easy Time Keeping: 

Workers can record hours and submit electronic timesheets easily.

Keeping an Eye on Your Performance: 

The platform allows goals to be set, progress to be tracked, and feedback to be received.

Learning More, Going Further:

 Access to training and professional development opportunities is at everyone’s fingertips.

Celebrating Success Together: 

A platform for celebrating wins, big or small, fostering a positive working culture.

Keeping Your Data Safe:

 Strong security measures ensure all personal data stays private and secure.

Make It Yours: 

Tailor your dashboard and settings to suit your needs and preferences.

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Here When You Need Help:

 Access support through a dedicated help desk and online materials.

Always Getting Better:

The platform evolves, embracing new tech and adapting to workers’ needs.

Putting Employees First:

 This signifies AT&T’s commitment to a supportive and empowering work environment for all.

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